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Darejan Ezugbaya - the founder of Hobbiton

After having children, I realized that my priority was the quality of early childhood and preschool education. I built on the knowledge and school practice acquired at the Faculty of Pedagogy of TSU, studying different methods of early and preschool education. In 2013, I decided to open an early education space and work with the team on a program that would be tailored to the interests and needs of children and parents. Until now, we have come a long and difficult way in terms of administration and teaching.

Our activities cover 5 areas of development, in accordance with the national standard of child development developed by the United Nations Children’s Fund. This is followed by a healthy lifestyle, science, art and literacy. When planning activities, we try to take into account the individual development of the child.

Activities include both indoor and outdoor games depending on the weather, season and program. We periodically have field trips to museums, a contact zoo, and a woodland garden at locations inspired by the concept around Lisi Lake.

Last year we started to take care of the development of the international cooperation component, and for this purpose, at the end of March this year, I was in one of the successful gardens on the Italian island of Murano. It was gratifying to see that we had a common scale of values, similar approaches and programs, but we still have work to do. We are waiting for the kindergarten team in Georgia this year.

We have long since replaced celebrations with projects that we work on with the active participation of parents. We periodically conduct a survey of parents’ satisfaction. We will provide more frequent information about the child’s development progress or challenges. We think that dialogue and cooperation with parents significantly determines the success of our kindergarten.