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Hobbiton Kindergarten –

We play, we learn, we grow!

For your child’s happy future!

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Hobbiton Kindergarten

Accepting children from the age of 8 months!

A high-quality early childhood program provides safe, nurturing learning. It also develops the child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual side.


Hobbiton welcomes children from 8 months of age!
Early group – from 8 months to 2 years;
3-4 year old group;
5-6 year old group.

98%  excellent students.

The best way to develop

An educational and fun approach to the development of all children.

In Hobbiton, the little one will find a caring, close to family, developing environment. Your child will have the opportunity to engage in learning through play. At the heart of our parenting method is the child’s development through play.

You will meet:

Specially trained teachers

Nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner

Healthy and safe environment for children

Various things suitable for age

Regular contact with parents

Effective administration

Learning through play

Hobbiton Kindergarten

What do children learn from us?

Healthy lifestyle

Relationships with peers

Fun cognitive games

Painting and sculpture

Hobbiton Kindergarten

We play, we learn, we grow!

Our success rate!
children from 8 months to 6 years
years of experience
Hobbiton Kindergarten

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